Gluten Detective: Rapid Urine/Stool Tests ⇒   

 In November 2017 Glutenostics launched the first and only at-home rapid urine and stool tests enabling consumers to monitor their compliance with the gluten-free diet. One-time, disposable kits are available for over-the counter purchase exclusively at glutendetective.com

Coming Soon: Mobile Phone App

Glutenostics is designing a mobile application that will enable customers to effectively manage their gluten-free lifestyle, creating a nationwide virtual gluten-free community. Features will include gluten-free restaurant menus & reviews, recording of Gluten Detective test results and virtual dietitian consultations.

More To Come: Additional Tech

Glutenostics is dedicated to evaluating, licensing, developing and commercializing novel technologies to simplify and improve living gluten-free. Check back later to learn about the exciting new developments in our pipeline.