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  1. To provide tools for North American consumers avoiding gluten to manage their diet and improve their health.
  2. In the short-term, to bring the first and only OTC/POC gluten consumption test to the North American market.


David Winternheimer



David Winternheimer, PhD, PPM is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in commercial strategy, partnership development, licensing, sales leadership and innovative product/service launch in the biotechnology industry.

David is the founder and executive partner of Bio Biz Dev Partners, an in-sourced business development firm that partners with ramping biotech companies to lead them in achieving their aggressive growth goals. Prior to founding Bio Biz Dev Partners, David co-founded Sanguine Biosciences where he was Vice President of Sales & Marketing in charge of all commercialization efforts from the company’s inception.

Dr. Winternheimer also has experience as a Lecturer in chemistry at UCLA and American Jewish University (Bel Air, CA).  David received his PhD in organic chemistry from UCLA, and his Postdoctoral Professional Masters in Bioscience Management from the Keck Graduate Institute (Claremont, CA).

Angel Ramírez Cebolla



Ángel Ramirez Cebolla, PhD, has over ten years of experience in developing and commercializing gluten diagnostics as Founder and CEO of Biomedal.

Prior to founding Biomedal, Angel served as President of Bioandalucia and Founder and CEO of Ingeniatrics. He is co-inventor of several patent applications and co-author of scientific publications in microbiology, protein expression, plant sciences, purification and analysis.

Dr. Cebolla received his PhD in microbiology and biotechnology from the University of Seville. He is cofounder of Biomedal S.L. and Ingeniatrics Tecnologías SL. He has been the CEO of Biomedal for 16 years.

Anthony Garramone



Anthony Garramone is a senior executive with over twenty-five years experience in high-tech industries (especially pharmaceutical and biotechnological).

His experience includes start-ups and early stage companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Garramone has demonstrated the ability to build, grow and sustain strong organizations, and to manage these organizations to and through liquidity events. His strong technical background, together with his experience building and managing organizations, allows him to both develop and implement strategic plans, and support the tactical requirements of scientific and business personnel at all levels within an organization.

Mr. Garramone has held the titles Vice President, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, and General Manager of Baxter’s Formulation Technologies Business. Prior to that Mr. Garramone was President of Epic Therapeutics, Inc, and was instrumental in securing funding, growing the organization, and positioning it for acquisition by Baxter in a $70 million deal. He then managed the Epic organization through its successful integration into Baxter, and through a subsequent period of significant growth as a Baxter subsidiary.

Previously, Mr. Garramone was a founding member of Transgenic Sciences, Inc. where he established the company’s operations and helped take the company public. He was also responsible for managing Quality Operations at one of Transgenic Sciences operating divisions.

Francisco León



Francisco León, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Celimmune, is a clinical immunologist and drug developer with a strong passion of serving the celiac and autoimmune community. Francisco believes that celiac holds the key to solving autoimmunity as a whole.

Francisco started his career by studying structural immunology and peptide binding to HLA in 1993-94 in Tromsø, Norway. Armed with an interest in the molecular mechanisms of celiac, Francisco went back to earn his MD and then studied over 400 celiac patients for his PhD thesis. His work contributed to some of today’s common celiac diagnostic tests such as the recombinant anti-transglutaminase ELISA and the flow cytometry of intestinal lymphocytes. Francisco then moved to the US in late 2001 to continue his research in mucosal immunology at NIH, witnessing the recognition of celiac disease as a public health problem at the landmark 2004 NIH Consensus Conference on Celiac Disease. After the conference, Francisco joined the pharmaceutical industry to try to improve the lives of patients with celiac and other autoimmune diseases.

Francisco has since led early and late R&D teams in Big Pharma (Bristol Myers, MedImmune/Astra Zeneca, Centocor/Janssen/Johnson & Johnson where he led Immunology Translational Medicine) and in two celiac start-ups (Alba Therapeutics and Celimmune, as Chief Medical Officer and CEO). Francisco has been involved in more celiac trials than any other industry clinician and his intimate knowledge of the disease unmet need led to his contribution to the first gluten-free diet monitoring tool, the iVYLISA test developed by Biomedal SA of Spain.

Francisco is also Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Medicine at Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia), in the Department of Gastroenterology, and has authored or co-authored approximately 80 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters as well as several patents.