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  • The iVYLISA GIP-Stool kit from the Glutenostics® line is a sandwich ELISA that detects and quantifies GIP in stool samples.

    This kit is especially indicated for:

    • Controlling gluten-free diets of CD patients, patients with gluten-sensitivity or a gluten allergy.
    • Helping to correctly diagnose RCD.
    • Controlling gluten-free diets for gluten-related disorders including eosinophilic esophagitis, lymphocytic duodenosis, iron deficiency anemia or type 1 diabetes, among other pathologies.

    ELISA test for the detection of GIP in stool samples. This technique is for professional use and must be conducted in a clinical analysis laboratory or in a place approved for diagnostic tests.

  • iVYLISA GIP-Stool is a quantitative Sandwich ELISA designed to detect and quantify GIP (mainly those equivalent to the 33-mer peptide) in stool samples. The capturing and detecting antibody is the G12, which is designed against the 33-mer peptide and which recognizes it and other equivalent immunotoxic peptides 18.

  • Diagnostic sensitivity was calculated from the data from the performance evaluation study, Deliac-01-2012, in which 68 healthy subjects (i.e. they did not have gastrointestinal diseases) were analyzed. The gluten consumption of all patients was checked by means of dietary questionnaires.

    Diagnostic sensitivity: 98.5%

    After analyzing hundreds of food matrices, cross-reactivity has yet to be described. Diagnostic specificity was calculated by taking samples from 12 under one-year-old subjects who were exclusively formula-fed (thus ensuring a strict GFD). The samples were analyzed, obtaining negative results in all cases.

    Diagnostic specificity: 100%.

  • Kit REF. Format
    iVYLISA GIP-Stool  KT-5739 96 wells